Canning Talley 2015

It is that time of year again! We agreed to skip doing any jam this year because I still have right much and between all of the chickens and getting the garden in and taking care of Ivy, we just dont have a lot of time to deal with fruit.

BUT there are plenty more things to can, so I will be updating this as I can things. I am really hoping I can be a little more diligent this year about my record keeping.

Pinto beans:   10 pints

Pulled pork: 6 pints

Peaches: 2 pints

Cherries in syrup: 2 pints

Peaches and cherries: 1 pint

Squash: 9 quarts

Dried squash chips 1.5 quarts

cucumber chips: 1 half gallon

Cucumber pickle (dill) 3 quarts, 11 pints, 3 half pints

Cucumber pickle (bread and butter):5 quarts, 4 pints

Cucumber pickle (sweet pickle): 10 quarts, 4 pints

Zucchini pickle (dill) 3 pints

Squash: 1 pint dried

Pineapple basil: 1 half pint dried

Snaps: 100 quarts, 1 pint

Tomato juice: 7 quarts

Potatoes: 21 quarts

Corn: 61 pints, 5 quarts

Corn and butterbeans combined: 4 quarts

Chili sauce: 12 pints

Spaghetti sauce: 10 quarts, 1 pint

Sweet pickled cherry tomatoes: 11 pints

Frozen: 10 bags cherry tomatoes

1 pint dried, with ranch seasoning

Rabbit: 5 quarts, 2 pints

Butter beans: 8 quarts, 10 pints

Green peppers and onions: 22 pints 1 quart


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