Canning Talley 2014


Every year I say I am going to keep a tally of everything I canned, and then I get so wrapped up in the project I forget to write it down. This is pretty close, however, since I went back and read my blog posts and went through my cell phone pictures. This year’s projects, starting with strawberry season:

Green onions 8 quarts dried
1 pint dried
40 small bags frozen
Strawberries 17 pints jam
7 half pints jam
seven pints strawberry lemonade concentrate
Zucchini 7 quarts pickled
5 loaves bread frozen
Potatoes 70 quarts canned
(200 lbs total including potatoes that were stored under house)
Salsa Verde 10 quarts, 12 pints
Tomato Sauce 76 quarts
9 pints
Pepperonchini peppers 5 half gallons
14 quarts
5 pints
pepper rings 28 pints jalapeno pepper rings
2 quarts jalapeno pepper rings
5 banana peppers
4 banana pepper rings
hot pepper relish 7 pints
pepper butter 5 pints
eight bags diced peppers frozen
pepper relish 11 pints
corn 9 half pints corn relish
135 frozen ears
green beans 7 pints pc with garlic
38 plain quarts
8 pints dilly beans
21 pints with no garlic
chili 23 pints
Salsa 12 pints salsa
7 quarts salsa
6 quarts restaurant style salsa
9 pints salsa with whole yellow tomatoes
Dried Foods 5 quarts dried yellow tomatoes
4 quarts dried pepperonchinis
quart dried chives
2 quart dried lemon basil
quart dried oregano
pint dried cilantro
2 quarts dried cayenne peppers
2 quarts dried red peppers
Beans 3 pints mixed beans
20 pints garbanzo beans for hummus
4 pints black eyed peas
Lima Beans 5 quarts
21 pints
Many frozen bags
Deer 13 pints
4 bags tenderloin frozen
Greens 7 quarts
1 quart dried
Sweet potatoes 45 quarts
5 pints
cabbage 4 quarts
pumpkin 2 quarts
turnips 3 pints
turkey 1 quarts
10 pints
7 quarts stock
 3 quarts soup
chicken 4 quarts chicken
11 quarts stock

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