Everyone always marvels at how much I get done, but I like to say I’m just an ordinary girl, loved by an extraordinary God.


A few years ago, we were watching Doomsday Preppers, and my husband turned to me and says, I think it’s kinda cool they have all that food from the garden preserved. You should try that.

And my life changed forever.

I thought, well, Mom and Dad HAVE that big garden, and I could learn to make a few things, could be fun. I got a water bath canner and tried it. And became addicted. I canned so much that first year: pickles, and relishes, and salsas, and jam, jelly, fruit butter. I loved it. No one could believe that I enjoyed it so much, but I did! I soon graduated to a pressure canner and canned more and more. I began to read homesteading books, and traded my Cosmopolitan for Mother Earth News.

I started spending more time on the farm and with my family. Our family grew closer together and healthier. We got chickens, I got miniature horses, we got more involved in the farm. It has been wonderful.

I am busy: I teach high school, I teach college, I blog, I free-lance, I am in graduate school, but few things give me as much pure happiness as just hanging around on the farm. It takes time, but it is time well spent.


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