Thrift Shop Reality

I’m gonna pop some tags… only got twenty dollahs in my pocket…

I like that song. I grew up shopping in thrift stores and Goodwill, and yard sales. I remember when we lived in town, walking up to the Goodwill with my mom and brother with a dollar, looking to buy a new Babysitter’s club book. I shopped at Goodwill pretty frequently until I got to high school. I remember one day I found a pair of black Calvin Klein jeans for five dollars.I wore those things until they were threadbare. I loved them.

In college, I also went to the thrift store frequently for books, or whatever else we saw. We were the cliche poor college students. I remember Boyfriend and I bought some old pieces of computers for four dollars each, and built a new computer for about twenty bucks.

After I graduated and started working full time, however, I didn’t go as often. I have never been too good for a thrift store, but since I had a little more money, I enjoyed buying things new.

Last week, we went to the Goodwill, and I found so many cute things, even for a big girl. Not only did i pick up some cute things to wear, but I found some adorable little chickens for my kitchen, and some crib bumper to give to Brother, and a mason jar for thirty cents. I filled up the SUV for thirty dollars! So I am about to ban myself from retail stores and go back to the thrift store.

I love the smell of a thrift store, of old books. And it is always fun to see what you can find and at what great prices. Now,too, I can look for things to repurpose or sew or paint and turn into new things.

Always good to save a little money, and live simply. ❤

Have you found anything awesome at a thrift store lately?


3 thoughts on “Thrift Shop Reality

  1. Among my all time favorite thrift scores are a J. Crew leather handbag, $3 (retail, $300) and a Talbots winter coat, $6 (retail, $200) as well as various Talbots dresses with the new tags still on them for $1. Our last visit, I got myself some new jeans for $3.75 and found a tailored wool/cashmere men’s winter dress coat from the nicest men’s shop in town for my husband for $6. Most of my clothes (and my husband’s and a good bit of my daughter’s) are thrift shop scores. And most of the furniture in our house. I love thrift stores.
    I hit the J. Crew Factory Warehouse sale here last weekend with my daughter and while the items were new, they were definitely some good second hand store prices – I got myself a new dress to wear to my cousin’s upcoming wedding for $15. It’s in the current catalog for $160. Not thrifting, but pretty darn close.

  2. I LOVE thrift stores. I grew up opposite of you. I had a mother who required us to buy name brand new clothes every year and felt terrible if she didn’t dump $1000 on us for christmas. As wonderful as that sounds, it lead to me being totally bored with the world and the things in it by 15.
    Now that I’m older and I’ve spent the past 5 years being so poor I can barely stand it, I’ve found that I love treasure hunting. Thrift stores are the most amazing thing on the planet. All those years getting everything I wanted never gave me what I needed, the satisfaction. Now I get the satisfaction and I find I don’t really need much else. It’s fantastic. I have never been so excited in my life when I found a filing cabinet for $3 or when I buy things to tear apart. The baskets I bought for my bakery and garden, priceless to me.
    Anyway, yes. Thrift stores are awesome.

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