The Fair, Round Two

We took our stuff to the next county fair. The competition for the canning goods seemed to be more intense. I still won a first place for my jalapeno peppers, a second for my pickles, and a few white ribbons. The sunflowers and the cut basil we brought also won a first place ribbon. You may remember the painting of a rooster I did at the beginning of the year. It won third of all the adult art, which was very exciting.

There’s a third fair in the next county, and apparently they have a large exhibit hall. We weren’t prepared this year, but we will next! Even though we took quite a few things, we thought of more to take next year: hopefully I will be able to crochet by then, some eggs, walnuts. The fair circuit is just fun, plus all the yummy fair food! I feel bad for people who live in big cities. They miss out on all the fun of a small town county fair! 🙂


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