Farm Updates

I finally figured out how to crochet. I’m still not great at it, but I managed to finish a scarf. Now I am working on a blanket for Brother’s baby, due in December. It may be his kindergarten graduation present. Sigh.

I obviously need no more animals to take care of, but Husband found this kitten in the parking lot at work, and he brought her home. She is my anniversary present. Meet Luna. I don’t know how people manage with no pets. I love animals.

The pullets we bought or hatched out in February and March are starting to lay, but not my Marans nor the Welsummers. I am eagerly awaiting that first egg to see how good (how dark) the color will be.

Ivy is doing very well on the Buteless. She isn’t walking much better, but she is walking a LOT more and is limping quickly. Most days when I walk her she is so happy and feels so good she jumps and bucks with three legs. I bought her a little hat. How cute is she?

The other two are just fine, but they are getting very fat, so we are limiting their pasture time. If you are interested in minis, you should know they can easily founder and gain too much weight.

We have had our last kindle of the year for the rabbits, and it was a good one. The doe had nine kits, and they are two weeks old and all of them have made it. We will probably try to sell a couple of them, and butcher the rest. Big litters are nice for that. We sold off the smaller kits from the last litter, and that cash bought rabbit feed. We have always been able to sell a rabbit.

The cannery is finally finished! We just need a gas stove now, and it will be ready for business for Canning Season 2016. Right now I am not canning anything, we are just eating things. I had a freezer that was slam full and jars everywhere, so we are making an effort to eat some of the food. I keep emptying jars and taking them to the cannery to be refilled soon.

We got a meat grinder at a great deal, and I am SO excited because we are going to process our own deer this year. This is going to be a huge savings. I also picked up a meat slicer at an auction this year, and I just loaded up the vacuum sealer to take there as well, so we are in business!

During the fallout from the hurricane, we got a TON of rain, and my cabbages are not doing great. However, where there is life there is hope! I am hoping I will be able to can up cabbage, and some deer later. I will have some rabbits to process as well. Always something to process!

This week we picked about two ten gallon buckets full of walnuts from the black walnut tree on the farm, and I just put up two half gallons of sunflower seeds to plant next year. I am not much on eating them.

Looking forward to another week. Always something happening on the farm!


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