An Update On Ivy

Ivy has been doing rather well lately. We took her off of bute a nd put her on this vitamin deal that tastes like apples and doesn’t have bute in it. It is supposed to be much gentler on her stomach. We held our breaths for a few weeks, but there was no negative change. In fact, with the cooler weather she has wanted to walk more, wihch is good for her leg. She is still limping but I think if she walks more she can gain more control over her leg. She has wanted to walk and investigate, and today she was tossing her head and kicking bc she was happy to be out in the nice cool weather.

She, for some reason, did a second shed recently, and has changed color. She’s a darker grey with dapples.

I am feeling very blessed, because when she was hurt in April, I thought we may only have a couple weeks with her before her quality of life diminished and we would have to say goodbye. Every year, the farm who bred and raised Holly and Ivy brings a few foals to the county fair to advertise them. That is where we met our girls, and fell in love. When Ivy was hurt, and I was beside myself, I said perhaps this fall we could purchase her sister (cousin/half sister/whatever there was). Yesterday we were there, and they had weanlings, and I was SO happy that my beautiful beautiful girl was safe and happy at home.

I love her so much. Thankful for every day.


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