Meal Prep for Week Of September 14th

It’s Meal Prep Day again! I love meal prep day. Each time I have done this it consistently takes about two hours to do all the prepping, cooking, and cleaning, and then I am done for the week!

I made sweet potato biscuits last night. I dont know what I did wrong, but they were not good. I bought some whole wheat flour  awhile back, and nothing I have made with it has been good. So, the dogs will get them. Not a huge loss, and they won’t be a waste since the puppies will enjoy them.

I also put a pack of chicken thighs in the crockpot with our homemade bbq sauce we made last weekend. I took out some collards and squash from the freezer, and when I got home from church, every thing was thawed and the chicken was cooked.

Here is the food and the cost breakdown (which is my favorite part)

Breakfast: boiled eggs. I boiled 10 and will have two each day for breakfast

Cost: 0, cause I got the eggs from the farm, and I don’t pay for the laying mash 😉 Admittedly, some of the cost effectiveness of this plan is I get a lot of produce and meat in exchange for the work I do picking and canning for both families.

Lunch: Burritos with shredded chicken from the farm, salsa verde, black beans from a can, chives, and a sprinkling of cheese. I also made some rice.

Cost: 1.50 for burritos, idk how to calculate the chicken…I will say 1 based on the costs I had for the chicks and the amount I canned, .50 for the beans (hit a sale), nothing for the chives, 1.00 for the rice and a 1.00 for the cheese (used half a 2.00 bag). Salsa verde I made last year, and made from green tomatoes, jalapenos, and onions, all from the farm.

Total: 4.00 for 5 lunches

Supper: Baked chicken thighs in the bbq sauce, with two of the following: squash, collards, potatoes, and corn. All veggies are from the farm. The bbq sauce cost 17 dollars to make 11 pints, but that was Dad’s project, and I got a quart for helping.

Cost: 5 dollars for the thighs. Veggies all from the farm. Collards are ridiculously cost efficient by the way bc a little packet of seeds yields a LOT of collards.

Total: 5.00 for 8 dinners.

Total Cost for the week: 9 dollars for 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches, and 8 dinners is 9.00. Let’s add another 1.00 for anything I am leaving out, like any oil I used and seasonings, so 10 dollars total.

I am looking forward to the burritos. Yum yum.


One thought on “Meal Prep for Week Of September 14th

  1. When you use the whole wheat flour, are you subbing a portion whole wheat for a portion of white flour or using all whole wheat?
    I find for biscuits, a blend of flour works best – I do some cake flour, some all purpose white flour and then add in some whole wheat pastry flour to give it some whole grain goodness.

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