News and Notes Around the Farm

We finally got the canning kitchen done, but we are still decorating, so I am still postponing the Big Reveal. We are getting a new freezer this weekend, which is very good because hunting season is coming.

Next weekend fair season starts.I have a box of jars that are contenders. I will need to get them together and take them in Tuesday or Wednesday next week. I am very excited.

Ivy is…I don’t know if improving is the word, but she isn’t getting any worse. We stopped giving her bute and have switched to Buteless, which is over the counter (available at Tractor Supply), and is much more gentle on her stomach. We held our breaths for a while, because we were worried she would be worse off the bute and not able to get up. We have always said that once she was in pain and couldn’t get up, we wouldn’t make her suffer. However and very happily, she has really done well on the Buteless. In fact, she seems to be walking farther and quicker. I know she probably won’t ever get totally better, but she is very happy little girl. She loves her pets and her treats and grass and walks. She gives kisses and nickers happily. She just limps. And as long as she is happy, we will do everything we can to take care of her.


The little white rabbits are really growing. We butchered the old red doe and two of the bucks grow outs. We are keeping the big buck and the two does, at least for now.I asked to keep the strawberry colored doe kit since we dispatched the old doe. She is such a pretty color. They are not nice rabbits though. They will scratch you and slice your arm up!


wpid-wp-1441842505282.jpeg wpid-wp-1441842499732.jpeg

The white rabbits aren’t as pretty, but don’t scratch half as bad. Alas.

We foud some paw paws down in the pasture. They cannot be canned, but I peeled them and got the seeds out and froze three bags of two cups each. It was right much work, but…food is food. They smell really good and I think they will be good in a cake topped with cool whip.

wpid-wp-1441842432946.jpeg wpid-wp-1441842419124.jpeg

We went yardsaling last week and got TONS of great deals for Brother, who is expecting his first child, Nephew, in December! In amongst the excellent baby finds, I got a HUGE lot o yarn for five dollars and decided to take up crochet. I bought a hook for 1.27 at Walmart and watched some You Tube videos. It is slow going, but I am getting there.


And those are all of the updates! Always something happening!

Happy farming!


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