Auction Finds

We love auctions. There is a local one we go to a few times a year that has auctions pretty regulary. I got my antique library table there for a hundred, my walnut drop leaf table for 75, my almost-new fridge we picked up for 80, and the best deal of all was my huge hutch in the living room (seriously, it takes up the whole wall), that we got for 150.

Once a year, the local Amish community has an auction. People from all over bring things, and they take a percentage (I will say 10…) of the sales to support their community school. There are several sales going on at once, and there is a TON of stuff. Some things go for a dollar, including some cute furniture. This year, I bought a dehydrator for five dollars and a meat slicer for 25. I also bought this little table for five dollars:

wpid-wp-1440979602107.jpeg wpid-wp-1440979609699.jpeg wpid-wp-1440979616459.jpeg

It has an old Singer sewing machine in it. I bought this to set my sewing machine on when I am not using it. I think this is just so cute.

Auctions are such a great place to get deals, as long as you have the discipline not to keep bidding!


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