Meal Planning in Action: Week of August 31st

Can I just tell you we LOVE this meal plan / meal prep stuff?

This is the best thing ever. People said Mister would get sick of eating the same thing, but literally every time he sits down with his meal, he says, this is the best thing ever. He looooves having food that is just ready to go.

I have fewer dishes to wash, waste way less food, and our food goes farther, especially the meat. We both are carnivores with a capital C, and if I had the pork roast I made today in its own container, it wouldn’t have lasted long. But since I portioned it out, it lasted for 10 plates. We are also eating a bit healthier. Mister isn’t reaching for Ramen noodles, and I always make two servings of veggies and one of meat, so we aren’t filling up on meat.

This week for breakfast I took another bag of breakfast burritos out of the freezer. I found the recipe on Pinterest and made them over the summer. I made eggs, added black beans and some salsa, and then wrapped them in burritos and froze. I had them last week, and they are pretty good.

Lunch I deviated a bit from the planned meal and made marinated veggies. We have these at our department potlucks, and I love them. I used some of the last tomatoes from the garden, some corn, and a jar of dilly beans. I was going to make the marinated, but looking at the ingredient list on the recipe, I remembered I had a jar of liquid I canned when I made strawberry salsa, and had liquid left over. So I used that and it had the perfect flavor. Just like what we have at the potlucks! I also found a half bag of cheese tortellini in the freezer that needed to be used, so I boiled that and added it to the veggies.

Dinner I took out a pork roast. A while back they were 99 cents a lb and I bought several. This one was 5.42, so I am guessing it was about 5.5 lbs. I popped it in the crockpot Saturday night, and it was ready for meal prep Sunday morning. I also took out some baked apples I had frozen…two years ago I believe. They were already cooked, but I put them in a baking dish and topped them with a handful of quick oats and put them in the oven. Amazing. I also had two bags of those Birds Eye veggies that really needed to be eaten (I don’t even know how old they were). These were sugar snap peas with carrots, mushrooms, and onions. Finally, I made some rice.

Food Lion gives coupons at the little magic machine. A while back I almost always got a coupon for 75 cents off any FL brand rice. A lb of white rice was 77 cents, so I bought sooooooo many bags of rice for 2 cents each. I put them in the freezer overnight to kill any bugs, and then put them in half gallon jars and stored them away. I am SO glad I did, because now I can use them in our meals and don’t have to buy rice.

wpid-wp-1440948505535.jpeg wpid-wp-1440948550303.jpeg

As usual, I lined up all my plates, and just started portioning everything out. I ran out of veggies, so I also opened up a jar of butter beans, and a jar of applesauce to finish out the last two plates. Last week I only made 7 plates because I knew I would eat at Mom’s a couple nights. This time I went ahead and made 10, and I had one for dinner. VERY good.

Cost breakdown: Again, jar contents aren’t totally free because we purchased the seeds and slips, but a few dollars producing hundreds of lbs of food, and it is food I paid for last year, I am not doing that math.


Can of black beans: 50 cents

A dozen eggs: 0 (from farm)

Tortillas: $1

Salsa: 0 (from jar)

Breakfast Total: 1.50 for 5 breakfasts, 30 cents each


tomatoes: 0 (from farm)

corn: 0 (from farm)

basil: 0 ( from farm)

dilly beans: 0 (from jar, beans from farm)

marinade: 0 (from jar, leftover from salsa)

half bag tortellini: $1 (bag is 2 dollars)

Lunch Total: 1 for 5 lunches, .20 each


Pork Roast: 5.42

Rice: .02

Sugar Snap Peas: 4 (2 bags, 2 each)

Baked apples: 0 (from freezer, apples were gifted)

Applesauce: 0 (from jar, apples were gifted)

Butterbeans: 0 (from farm)

Dinner total: 9.44 cents for ten meals, .94 cents each

Three meal weekly total: 11.94

Plus, I keep looking forward to finding new dishes to add to the meal plan rotation. 🙂


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