Out with the Old, In the with New!

The summer garden has been plowed up and disked under (*tear*). I had hoped to leave the green peppers for another month so we would have some to enter in the fair, and so I could freeze pepper strips for stir fry. Alas, Dad was ready to be done with, and we big adieu to Summer Garden 2015.

However, we are welcoming Cold Crops 2015~ I am very excited. Last year was the first year we tried a cold crop garden, other than greens. We did greens, broccoli, and cabbage. This year, we are doing much more broccoli (48 slips) and cabbage (48 again) and some cauliflower. I LOVE cabbage, so I am excited to have some. We only had four or five heads of cabbage last year, so this will be so much better.

The canning kitchen is almost done! Brother put the sealant on the floor for Dad today, and all that remains is a little trim work and moving in the furniture. It is really beautiful.

Next year, we are going to try a greenhouse, but this year we are a little burned out from building projects. Dad has finished the canning kitchen, and built several chicken tractors this year.

We also need to organize the cellar. We want to organize according to the type of food, as well as the year, so we can make sure we are eating up the older food first. Almost all of the jars we canned this summer are sitting in poor Mom’s dining room…and they have spilled over into the living room, so this is a project we need to work on sooner rather than later.

The new pullets are starting to lay, but just the white leghorns so far. I am ready for my Marans and Welsummers to start laying! I want those pretty eggs!

Speaking of new things…I am going to be an auntie! My brother is expecting his own little chick, due to arrive December 17th. I am VERY excited.

There are always things coming and going on the farm.

Happy homesteading!


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