Frugal Home Improvement Projects

Like everyone, there are some things I do not like about my house. I have been trying to save up to have someone fix them, but other things keep breaking. We had a bad windstorm early in the summer, and the money I had saved for other things had to go toward the deductible. THEN, my oven died, so I had to get a new one of those. I know, it is life, and it happens, and at least I had the money to do those things.

But there are so many other things I wanted done! The vinyl tile in my kitchen had started to come up, and I wanted to replace it with a single piece of linoleum, but it was pricey, and I knew I would have to pay someone to put it down. Finally, I decided I could take it no longer, and anything I did would look better than what was there. So I bought some more of the peel and stick tiles and put them down myself I just pulled up an old one, cleaned up under it well, and put a new one down. I got the boxes of tiles on Amazon, and they were on sale, so I did the whole kitchen floor for about 60 dollars. I love it. Here is a picture, but you can see I have some trim work to do:

I have also hated all of the countertops in my house. I wanted to replace them, but that is pricey. I read on Pinterest about painting laminate countertops, and decided I was going to try it in the little guest bathroom first, because I had already botched a painting project in that room, so how much worse could it look?

So, I followed the instructions from about five different blogs:

Clean the counter. Sand the counter. Wipe off the dust. Prime it (I used a spray primer). Paint the counter with acrylic craft paint and a sponge. Seal with epoxy, polycrylic, etc.

I love it! It really looks better, and I used a coupon for the sponges and the epoxy, plus I have plenty of that left over to do the other bathroom. This cost about ten dollars to do!

I also went and bought paint to paint the walls in this bathroom, since now I love the counter. I got a nice pale lilac. Lowes is running a rebate event on paint, plus I had a 10 dollars off 50 coupon, plus a Lowes gift card I had from cashing in some credit card rewards points, so I got my really nice gallon of paint and all the supplies I needed for 10 dollars!

Give me a few months, and I will have fixed everything I dislike about the house.


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