Well, I Can’t Be Good at Everything

I am no good at picking snaps. Well, I mean, snaps DID end up in the bucket, but I am both clumsy and slow at it.

I am not just a big farm girl, I am also a big girl, and it is just a little much for the knees and ankles to deal with all of the big girl bending over and squatting down to pick snaps. Finally, on the second row, I just sprawled out in the row, lay halfway down and picked them. And you know, it worked pretty well. I had a snap-eye view of the goods.

But after a while, I got to the low end of the garden and it was just too muddy. So, back up to my feet.

I also snorted a bug (STILL better than snorting the jalapeno powder!), and got a beetle in my hair. My hair is super long and thick, and I stupidly didn’t pull it back, so it was everywhere. We would grab snaps, and get a handful of my hair. Ouch!

Since I had seven rabbits and two chickens (post to come) to deal with, I just took home two rows worth of snaps, which was about ten gallons (two five gallon buckets) After snapping them and washing and processing, it made 15 quarts of snaps. This is just the beginning, though. There will be many, many more snaps to get.

I have no idea how I will pick them.


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