Canning Rabbit

Well, I have canned deer, (lots of deer), lamb for an article, lots of chicken, squirrel, pork, ham, and  now…Rabbit.

Dad butchered the litter than our doe came with, plus a couple freebie rabbits he picked up at a flea market. All together, there were seven rabbits to process.

I got out my waterbath canner and put in all the rabbits, then covered them with water. I let that boil for about two hours. In the meantime, I canned some snaps!

wpid-wp-1435608311366.jpegI took all the meat out of the water and into another pot so it would cool.

Then, I took my nice clean jars, and stuffed them with the shredded rabbit I pulled off the bone.

wpid-wp-1435608325055.jpegNext, I used the same broth that I boiled the rabbit in to cover the meat.

wpid-wp-1435608346489.jpegLeave a bit of headspace, and wipe the rim. If there is any grease on the rim of the jar, it can affect the seal of the jar. Then, I add the new lid, and the ring. Do not overtighten the ring. Just make the ring fingertip-tight.


Place the jars into the canner. Make sure the rack is on the bottom. Add three quarts of water into the canner. Check the valve on the top of the canner to make sure that it is clear, and then place the top on the canner. Turn on the heat. (*Be sure to read the instructions that came with your canner!*)

Wait until the canner starts to steam, then start timing it. When it has been steaming for ten minutes, then put on the weight. Once the weight begins to rock, then start the time again. For quarts of meat, process at 10 pounds of pressure for 90 minutes, 75 minutes for pints.


I have the rabbit on the right, and snaps on the left!

When the time is off, turn the heat off the canner, and then just leave it alone. Clean up the kitchen, have a snack, relax. When there is NO pressure on the unit and the pressure regulator has dropped, then it is safe to open the canner. I usually open the canner, and then let the jars cool a few minutes before I try to move them. Always use tongs. Jars are HOT coming out of a pressure canner.

Also, always place hot jars on a towel. Placing them on a cool counter can cause breakage. Wait for the ping. One the little button on the lid is down, they are sealed. Leave the jars alone and do not touch them until they are all sealed. This can take up to 24 hours, but usually everything is done within an hour.

Before putting the jars away, you’ll want to wipe them down. For jars of meat, I wash them in soap and water because they can get a little greasy.

wpid-wp-1435608373555.jpegI did pints and quarts in the canner, but always process for the longest time. I didn’t do much broth because i just did a LOT of chicken recently, but I had this really pretty broth and room for one more jar, so I went with that. It’s super pretty.

Be sure to label the tops of the jars with the year. I am going to have to make sure I label the rabbit as rabbit, too, because it really looks just like chicken!


Rabbits on the right, Snaps on the left, and here I am, stuck in the middle with you. Haha. 🙂

Was very pleased with the way the rabbit turned out. We will have more to do in a few weeks!


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