Do Not Inhale the Jalapenos

This is my gift to you. To warn you about jalapenos and the threat they pose to your health and happiness.

You are welcome.

I needed to clean out the freezer because THE GARDEN IS COMING. I canned a ton of jalapenos last year, and they just kept on coming. At the end, I was just tired of canning them, so i threw them in freezer bags. I used a few to stuff with cream cheese and baked with bacon, but not enough to make a dent. I took about half of them out and put them on the dehydrator to dry and make power.

They dried well, and I put them in the food processor to grind into powder. I KNEW to step back when I opened the food processor, but I didn’t step back enough.

So.Much. Bad.

I start to sneeze hysterically, my eyes were watering, my throat hurting, my chest burning. Jalapeno dust everywhere. IN MY LUNGS. I was messed up for about half an hour.

So. Just say no to jalapenos, y’all.


2 thoughts on “Do Not Inhale the Jalapenos

  1. I once roasted two cookie sheets of various hot peppers, then peeled and chopped them. Totally didn’t think about wearing gloves. My hands tingled for HOURS.

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