The Kid and the Farm

We had The Kid last weekend, and I took her out to the farm. She LOVES the farm. Kid is very well-mannered and behaved, but she is ACTIVE and having plenty of things to do and room to run is very good for her.

A few weeks ago we let her plant some squash seeds, and now they are almost as tall as her! And she got to pick the very first squash.

She is so proud!

She picked a three or four yellow squash, one zuccihini, three green peppers, a handful of banana peppers, and a handful of grape tomatoes. She picked a few peppers that werent ready. “It’s okay,” she says. She loves to pick veggies.

A few tomatoes!

She wouldn’t eat any of the things we picked, but she did try a zucchini. Didn’t like it though. The tomatoes I ate with some homemade hummus. Yum. The peppers were chopped and added to some canned chicken for fajitas,a nd the squash went in the crockpot with some lemon chicken. A good amount of food for a handful of veggies.

Back to The Kid.

So she had a lot of fun picking veggies…

And looking for catawba worms on the trees (we use them to go fishing!)

And petting the baby rabbits (I did not tell her they were food, though)

Feeding the horse…


And the chickens…

When we went in for lunch, she said, I’m so glad we live on a farm. šŸ™‚ It is so good for kids to be outdoors and see where food comes from, and just…be farm kids. šŸ™‚


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