Summer Projects!

Tomorrow is the last day of summer school!!!! That means I do not have to get up and go to work until August! I will still have to get on the computer to work for my online teaching jobs, but that can be on my own time.

So, this means it is time for….SUMMER PROJECTS! Here they are:

1. Canning!!!! Of course! I am starting this weekend actually as we are butchering four rabbits and about five chickens. There are two more rabbits in the freezer, and I am planning on dispatching all of them into jars.

2. Learning to tan hides. Dad has always wanted to learn, and we are killing the rabbits anyway, so it is okay if we mess up as we learn. The newest doe has five kids, and they are so pretty. Actually, I am still getting used to the idea of killing bunnies, esp these red ones. But still, their coats are pretty and this would be something interesting

3. Writing!  I have an article due in August, so I of course need to write that. I want to be more active on the blog, and I’d like to both pitch some more articles, and write some in my book.

4. Meal Planning. I fell off the wagon on this in April. I need to get back on it. Mister has started packing a lunch, and he is eating at home more now rather than fast food on the run, so I would like to have more meals ready to go. We have all thise food I have spent all this time preserving, I need to make sure I am using it, and buying as little as possible.

This also includes planning and trying more recipes. I bought these awesome sectioned plastic containers at the dollar store, of all places, that are perfect to putting up plates: one for meat, and two small ones for sides. I want to try more recipes that we will both eat, that use the veggies,and that I can make ahead of time.

5. Pie. I want to make 15-20 egg custard pies and have them frozen. This is perfect for potlucks throughout the year. Plus, once in a while I decide to treat my students to a food day. They want something homemade, but sometimes I just don’t have the energy. Grabbing a pie out the freezer is perfect. Plus, I have plenty of eggs.

6. Cheese-making. I tried some a month ago, and I really liked it, but I would love to do some more.

Always plenty to do! What are some of your summer projects?


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