Garden 2015 Update

The garden is coming along pretty well! The last few days, we have had sun all day, and then a shower at night, so the plants have been a growing! We planted some cucumbers and squash not because we wanted a ton of them, but because the seeds were several years old and Dad felt like we should use them up. Well of course all of those same up, so now we have 40 cucumber plants.

We are going to have snaps on snaps on snaps! They all look great. I am going to can a LOT of them this year, and I am going to try dried green beans like chips, and some dilly beans. I love dilly beans.

The yellow wax beans are looking great. There are teeeeny tiny little yellow beans starting. The tomatoes look good, but we didnt plant tons of those. The potatoes and the corn look a little sad, but we will have some. The carrots are sad, and that makes me sad. We still have some seeds, so we will try that in the fall in some containers.

It is hard in the heat for Dad, plus he still works his full time job, so we have decided to do it up right this year, and take a year off from gardening next year. We will just have a small plot with spring onions, a few tomatoes and peppers, and broccoli in the fall. And some container gardening. That will be enough to keep us busy, and we will go around to some farmers markets for other things. We will still have rabbits, chickens, and deer to process and can, and I would love to catch some fish and add to the freezer.

Another goal for next year is to can a lot of fruit. If I am not doing as much garden stuff, I will have time to do fruit. I Want to can a lot of fruit in light syrups, which will be very easy for cobblers, dump cakes, and ice cream toppings.

The food plan is always changing and growing. We have canned and frozen so much stuff that it would be good to take a year off and just…eat it. šŸ™‚



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