Usings up the Eggstras

We have a lot of eggs. We are going to need to come up with some more customers, but in the meantime…om nom nom.

Every Sunday I boil up a dozen for a grab and go breakfast or for a snack.

Next week I am going to just spend a day cooking lots of egg custard pies and freezing them. Then, when I have to go to a potluck, I can just pop one out the freezer and tadah! Homemade contribution. I am pretty excited about that,and not having to worry about that when I am busy and have things going on.

This last week I made four quiche. One I ate over several days, but the other three went in the freezer. I used a store bought crust and cheese but the contents were the farm eggs, some chives from the garden, and some dried tomatoes from last year.

It makes a really yummy breakfast, and adding some homemade salsa really makes it easy.

When it comes to canning and cooking, freezing and drying, I am all about the investment. I want to invest time now to save time later when the papers have piled up, or I have gotten sick.

The eggs are super awesome with salsa. 🙂


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