Update on Ivy, and Photos of the Minis

I have hope for Ivy. She is still limping but is very happy. She is trying to figure out how to break out of her stall, she pouts if we dont bring her a treat, she gives me kisses. She has a pet chicken. She is a pretty happy little girl on her three legs.

We had the farrier out yesterday and were able to do the other two horses, of course, and Ivy. We were prepared to try to use a sling to get her feet done, but the farrier said let’s try. She was able to manage until we did the good back foot, meaning a lot of her weight was going to go on the bad feet. It seemed a shame to sling her up for one foot, so I held her head and talked sweet baby talk to her, Dad held her butt off the air and the farrier took care of business. I was amazed she didnt mind, but she never moved. Our farrier said it couldnt be broken in two for her to be able to move it the way she does, but it could be cracked. He also said, like the vet did, that she is a very happy looking horse, and obviously enjoying her life.

As soon as we were done, Ivy went to eating as if she didnt have a care in the world, so that was an encouraging visit. Also, it is so good that everyone’s hooves are done.

So, here are lots of pictures of my mini babies. Stop scrolling if you do not wish to see the mini equine adoreableness. 🙂 ❤ Love these babies


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