It’s that time of year: planting season!

The garden is in! The garden is in!

Oh, planting time is so exciting!

Last year, we had such a big garden, and I thought we had agreed to have a smaller one this year. We canned soooo many tomatoes and peppers that we still have plenty left. However, that is not what happened and now the garden is bigger than ever. Last year was the Year of the Tomatoes. This will be the Year of the String Beans, because we have sooo many, and like six different kinds

This is just one of the spots. The other one is at least twice this size. Here we have squash, cucumbers, cherry and grape tomatoes, large tomatoes (just a few), three rows of potatoes (we planted 30 lbs), zucchini, beets, and three rows of carrots (in four colors.) A row of sugar snap peas, which I can’t wait for.

In the other spot there will be a lot of corn, more than last year,and some peppers, some more string beans (we are going to have yellow ones!). Later on we will plant broccoli,and cabbage, and we want to try some winter crops in the green house.

In between the corn Dad is planting my sunflowers. I love them, but I also want to dry the seeds for snacks.

Dad and The Kid planted some butter beans and some pumpkin seeds up at the house just to have something to do a while back, and the seeds have come up, so we will have those little plants as well.

This was our weekend with The Kid, and so I took her out to the farm. She was SO excited, and planted some of the cukes and squash.

We also have our pots of spices. My pineapple sage has grown, and the basil and lemon basil and chives all really need to be cut, so I will be doing that tomorrow.

Ivy is doing the same, but she seems very happy. One of the free-range chicks has taken a liking to her, and lives with her most of the time, hanging out and eating flies. It is so cute. I told Dad if it is a rooster we have to pardon it bc it is Ivy’s pet chicken!

So, summer is coming, and the seeds and slips are nestled in the dirt. And now, we wait.

Happy homesteading!


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