What Happened to Ivy

I have often posted about the little horses. Anyone who has had a beloved pet understands. Anyone who has had a horse understands. There is just something about a horse. And of my three little horses, my favorite is Ivy. She is the most loving horse, and she is also quite the diva. She has so much personality. She turns two this month. I have had her and her sister since they were five and six months old.


Ivy has always had locking stifles. It’s common in minis because people overbreed them, much like in dogs with hip dysplasia. Locking stifles isn’t painful at all. It is just as if the leg gets “stuck” and is very stiff until it pops back into place. Ivy can walk and run, boy she can RUN, but sometimes when her stifles act up, she has to walk stiff legged, and sometimes it takes a while in the morning for her to hop out of her stall.

On Wednesday, Mom went to let them out, and it took a lot longer for Ivy to get out than normal. Holly was irritated and impatient and pushed her way out the door. Later, we realized Ivy was lying in the field more than normal (though she does like to lie down). We brought her into our separate stall, the one we had for Tucker when we got him. Her leg is swollen, and she is hopping quite a bit.

She can put a smidge of weight on it, and was eating fine and seemed in good spirits, so we were very upset bc she’s a horse, and its her leg, but we weren’t too distraught. We had the vet out, and he was not optimistic. He thought it may be a fracture. He said she seemed to be a very happy horse, so there was no need to do anything now. Surgery is extremely costly and could be “a shot in the dark.” So he gave her some Bute and prescribed cold water or ice and rest.

wpid-wp-1431048326157.jpegShe has been really enjoying all the extra attention. We are hoping with the rest and the icing she will be okay, but in the meantime, we want to give her the best life possible. Here she is getting brushed. She was the funniest thing. Every time we stopped brushing she would toss her head and scoot closer until she was pretty much in Dad’s lap.

wpid-wp-1431048264353.jpegA week later and many tears and prayers later, some of the swelling is gone. She may even be putting a little more weight on it. She feels fine and spunky. I moved her jolly ball over, and she plays with it. She eats well. She nickers for us. She has learned a trick (she gives kisses now). She goes out for very short hand walks. She wants to get in trouble and knocked over the chair I had brought in to sit in while I held ice on her leg. She spends right much time resting, and I sit with her and talk and sing. We have let her see the other horses so she knows her friends are okay.

wpid-wp-1431048365027.jpegBecause there has been some improvement, and because she seems to be in such a content and happy mood, I am feeling some hope. We shall see.

Farm life is not for the weak.

Good thoughts, y’all,




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