The Best Laid Plans…and Being Incommunicado

So, I really had planned and wanted to blog more frequently, but crazy things happened in March, and I got really sick, and now my horse Ivy is injured, so when I am not working jobs 1, 2, 3, and 4, I am going to see her and make her comfortable (post coming with the details of that heartbreak).

So, my meal plans and all of my scheduling things have just been awry lately, but I’m hoping to be back on track soon.

Farm Updates…

Two of my four Maran “pullets” are roosters. I didn’t mind one, because then next year, I could catch my own clutch, but I am not thrilled with two. So. He may be going to the flea market, or maybe a stew pot, but a Maran rooster is just so pretty I’d prefer to sell or trade him. All of the 55 (yikes) laying chicks are together in the barn now with a run. They are SO happy to be out of the brooder box and playing in the dirt and eating bugs.

We have rabbits! Dad has been wanting to get some meat rabbits. I have mixed feelings. I had no problems with the Cornish Rock bc chickens are mean, and Cornish Rock are not made to live in this word long. But rabbits are so cute and soft. But they are a very economical food source, since the rabbits can be harvested at eight to ten weeks,and the mother rabbit feeds them for the first four weeks.

SO he traded three game chickens (rooster and two hens) for a momma Californian and her four babies, and then three random adult rabbits. No pictures yet. I’m keeping my distance because they are cute, and also future dinner šŸ™‚

The chicken I canned makes amazing chicken salad. The Cornish Rock meat is way better than the random cull roosters I have culled in the past. I just open a jar and mix it with some mayo, dried cranberries, lemon pepper, and crushed pecans. Delicious.

Tonight I tried deer bbq, but I put the meat in the food processor first so it had the texture of store bought barbecue, and then mixed some barbecue sauce with some vinegar and heated it all in the saucepan. It is VERY yummy,and a new easy meal to put together. I opened a quart of deer, and I had two sandwiches, with plenty left over for tomorrow.

We have the garden spot ready. It has been a little wet, so we haven’t planted the seeds yet. I can’t wait for veggies to come up! We are planning to go pick strawberries sometime this week.

So, summer is coming.The farm is all green and beautiful and not too hot. Despite some of the disasters happening around us, it is still SO pretty.


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