Mother Earth News Fair

So, back in October I saw an ad for the Mother Earth News Fair. It is put on by one of my favorite magazines, and there was an event near us in Asheville, NC. The parents agreed to go, and DH agreed to live without me for that weekend, so I got the tickets and then had to wait impatiently for months. 🙂

It is an amazing event. Two days, tons of workshops,and even more vendors. There were workshops on making cheese, canning, pickling, dehydrating, hoop houses, raw milk, herbal medicine, edible weeds, you name it, it was there. The only thing I didn’t like is there were so many workshops and things to see that it is impossible to see even half of it. Dad and I split up so we could see double the workshops, but we didn’t hit half of them. I skipped one of mine each day bc I wanted to see the animals and see some of the vendors.

I used my Cricut and an iron to make us shirts for the event. We all wore Pinecrest Farm shirts. 🙂

Dad saw a live poultry processing demonstration, which is where he learned more about using the cone. He also learned some other tricks, like how to fix the legs so they sit close on the bird, like in the grocery store. I already knew how to dehydrate, but I got some great ideas on drying veggies and making my own dip mixes. I also watched a demonstration on making cheese, and I actually bought the speaker’s book so I can make cheese this summer.

There were many, many things to buy, but I mostly resisted. They had organic seeds for a dollar, so I had to buy some of those. I got some really pretty Tree earrings, and some pineapple sage. I bought the literal last one, so I was so glad I got it. It really does smell like pineapple.

If you have the chance to go to one, GO. There is so much more information than I can even write about here. There so many people who have written books about their topics. There was information about living off the grid and cooking with fire,and raising rabbits, and starting a cottage industry. You name it, it was there. There were also lots of animals, and while I have been to events where you couldn’t pet the animals, everyone here encouraged it.

On the left is a Morgan horse. She was very friendly. And on the right are Jacob sheep. Love their spots.

Below are Barbados Blackbelly sheep. They are a hair sheep and shed their hair instead of having wool. We actually used to have these when I was in high school, and we had a ewe that looked just like this. The other picture is a Devon cow.

The first day I ate at this super yummy place. This is NC pulled pork, humita (Mexican corn pudding) and sweet potato crisp.

The second day I ate at this Food Truck called Farm to Fender. This is a farm-raised chicken with homemade pimento cheese and a basil-pesto pasta salad. It was great.

I could have happily stayed there a week, learning more and more. My new dream is to be a presenter here, with my very own book!

Farm dreams!


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