Catching Up

I know I have been super incommunicado, but March and April have just been rough months. However, I am feeling more myself again.

Here’s what you missed around the farm:

I have a sewing machine now. Still learning, but I want to make those feed bag tote bags.

The McNuggets have been dispatched. They reached 7.5 weeks old, and Dad butchered them. He use a cone he made from an old traffic cone, which worked well. There were 25 chickens, 18 of them I canned. 2 Mom made into stew, and 5 went in the freezer. I purchased the chicks, and they purchased the feed, so we split them.

The 18 I canned (some for me, some for them) produced the following:

9 quarts

27 pints

6 half pints of shredded chicken canned in broth

1 quart and 1 pint of bits and organs for cat food.

22 quarts of broth.

Took one full day and two evenings, but it is done.

27 pints and 6 half pints are from my share of the chickens. I am so thrilled to have that done. Chicken is expensive in the store, and I hate the way the animals are raised. This was a BIG project, but a good one. This fall, we will butcher more chickens, but it will be the superfluous roosters from our hatch, and any old laying hens.

My laying chicks are really growing. In one week it seems, they grew all their wing feathers. They are being moved to a bigger enclosure now bc they have outgrown the brooder box.

They are growing so fast! Most baby animals, i would tell them to slow down, but chicks are so fragile, I want them to hurry up and grow!

I was so proud of the horses because last week our pastor came out with his six foster children. They are all under six, and the horses, both big and small, were so gentle and let the little babies pet them. Tucker is angelic with children and lets them pet him. Sweet boy.

We have lots of new projects coming up. In addition to planning the garden, we are going to start a small hoophouse for a greenhouse, and a compost bin. Now that the McNuggets are done, Dad is talking about getting two does and a buck and start raising rabbits for food. We shall see.

We got tons of ideas from the Mother Earth News Fair, but I am going to save that for another post.

Happy Homesteading!


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