Waste Note, Want Not: Upcycling

I suppose we have been “upcycling” for years, but I never paid much attention. Just something that we do. My dad is very creative and good at using what he has to make something new. He gets these buckets from work that they would toss and turns them into nesting boxes. We save all the twine that we cut off the hay bales, and use it for all types of projects, anytime we need to tie something. Dad also gets these large blue barrels and makes dog houses. He’s torn apart many a cage of building and made new ones.

Not too long ago one of our deep freezers stopped working. That was sad beans, but a deep freezer makes a great place to store feed.


We have another one from many years ago we also use. It’s pretty difficult for mice to get in here, and its very sturdy to hold food. Ever since we started doing home canning, we haven’t had many metal cans at home, but when we do, mom washes out the can and pulls off the label. Dad using them for water buckets for the chickens, or feed scoops.

We also save all of the feed bags. They may useful trash bags, or anytime we need a bag for something. ONE DAY I will learn to sew, and I will turn them into adorable tote bags.

We don’t have many cans left over from commercially canned food anymore because we can food at home, but when we do, mom peels off the labeling and washes out the jar.

Now, I also use things for crafting. That scrap piece of wood can became a painting. The eggs I would have cracked open and tossed now become ornaments. It’s nice, really. So many things can become useful items around the home and farm.

What do you reuse and upcycle?


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