The Virginia/North Carolina Horse Festival

This weekend, we went to the Virginia/NC Horse Festival. Our farrier is part of the organization that helped put it on. I found out about it when we went to the Colt Challenge back in October, so I have been excited about it for a while. Apparently, lots of other people were too, because I saw an article this morning that over a thousand people went, and as this was the first year they held it, I think that was great.

I LOVE anything related to the farm, and horses most of all. <3. They had barn talks, put on by a local college’s equine studies program, about barn safety, and tail braiding, etc. There were some vendors, and the best was the demonstrations. W learned about some of the levels of dressage, a parade of breeds, and hunter/jumper course. I was impressed in our little area that they were able to produce twenty different breeds of horses.

Here are some of the pictures; I am already looking forward to next year’s festival.


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