Bebe Chicks!

Dad: We are about to be overrun by baby chickens.

He isn’t kidding, but it is kinda awesome. 🙂

Yesterday, after we went to the horse festival, we stopped by a different feed and tack store than the one we usually go to, and they are going to have the Welsummer and Cuckoo Marans I wanted, and for cheaper than I had wanted AND he only orders pullets, not straight run. THAT is very exciting. I went ahead and prepaid for them, and they will call when the bebes are ready, and Dad will go get them that day after work. This was exactly the chick purchasing scenario I wanted, and I got four of each for only 27$ Yay!

The Cornish Rock are really growing. Tomorrow Dad is going to take them out and clean out the box, and then in another week, he will probably divide them in half and put them in two boxes


The momma hen that is sitting on 15 game chicks is about to get a reprieve, as the babies are hatching! Yesterday I learned that the babies start cheeping inside the shell, so she knows da bebes are on the way!

Here is one of them!


Very exciting doings around the farm. So exciting, it appears to have worn out the other chickens



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