Of Menu Plans and Muffins

I have had to laugh at myself because I have now organized my whole life into calendars. At work, my students have a calendar with all due dates, reading assignments, and homework on them. At home, I cook based on the monthly menu plan. I just started myself on a housekeeping schedule. After I make a calendar, I take a picture of it with my phone so I can access it at any time.

However, I think it is working pretty well, since I am doing everything a little bit each day and don’t have to spend say, all day Saturday cleaning, or all day Wednesday night grading, etc.

I went out to the farm today. I hadn’t been able to go the last few days. We got the Cornish Rock chicks last Wednesday, so they are one week old. I wish I had taken a picture of them the day we got them for comparison, but I will from here out. Here they are at one week.


Of course, no trip to the farm is complete without visiting with the minis, who still look like little wooly mammoths. We need to get the clippers out and tend to Tucker’s bridle path. I told him he looked like a punk rocker.


Tonight on the menu plan was this baked quinoa casserole I found on Pinterest. I love Pinterest (p.s. you can follow me on Pinterest by clicking here) and I like to actually try the things I find on Pinterest instead of just collecting them. So, I use Pinterest a lot in my menu planning. This was very easy to make, and I really liked it! I used a can of tomatoes and green chilis I had, but next time I think I will just use a jar of salsa. I don’t usually buy canned tomatoes.

wpid-wp-1425425276853.jpegWhile the casserole was cooking, I made some muffins. I had the last of my ready-made breakfasts this morning. I bought a five pound bag of carrots last week to make Tikkel Gomen, so I had some to use up. I googled carrot-raisin muffin recipe and found this one. I even had some honey a friend had given me from an apiary.

THESE MUFFINS ARE AMAZING, and with carrots, raisins, real honey, whole flour, and yogurt, they are pretty healthy. I am trying to forget they are in the other room so I don’t eat them all and ruin the whole point of cooking ahead of time, and eating healthy.


They aren’t pretty, but they are good! Om nom nom.

Tonight my Master Schedule has me working online, but last night I got to do a little crafting with the Cricut. I made this cup. I LOVE the design šŸ™‚

wpid-wp-1425425295304.jpeg wpid-wp-1425425289227.jpeg

So, I am liking all the schedules. It helps me to get everything done and not so overwhelmed. Plus, I get a little creative time in, so it is all a win-win.

Well, according to the schedule, I’m supposed to be grading online essays, let me get back to it!

Night, y’all!



One thought on “Of Menu Plans and Muffins

  1. I was searching through blogs that mention raising chickens, but then…

    …That casserole looks WONDERFUL! Thanks for sharing. I can hardly wait to try the recipe! I have a new package of quinoa in my cabinet right now. Quinoa seems to go well in mexican dishes. Now I have to start a recipe board on my Pinterest account…

    Have a great day!

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