Pig Day, Check in the Mail, and Crafts

Happy National Pig Day!

I do not have a pig, but I REALLY want a pet pig. This will happen one day.

Though it is Sunday, I didn’t check the mail yesterday. I was so glad that I did, because I received a check from the Hobby Farms online article that was posted last month. I should save the money, but some of it may go towards those baby chicks I want so much.

The Kid and I had a really good time playing with my new Cricut. We picked up some things at the dollar store and started designing. They aren’t perfect, but it was pretty good for my first projects, and the fact that I had a five year old sitting in my lap the whole time.

I want to fix shirts with the iron on equipment that have the farm name and that way we can wear them when we do flea markets or homesteading activities, or the farmers market. Just looks more professional. I did make Mom a tumbler with a horse on the front and the farm name on the back.

wpid-wp-1425259412637.jpeg wpid-wp-1425259417753.jpeg

I love the machine so far, and I really like the way they look. I will get better, and we have had so much fun planning new projects. It would be so wonderful if I could just stay at home and craft and can and paint and write more. And have a pet pig. Haha. One day.

I have the March meal plan done, so i will post that shortly. With the snow days and being at home for seven days more than I planned, the schedule got a little off, but it was still very helpful to do meal prep. It really helps me make sure I eat three meals a day, because without planning, i have a bad habit of skipping meals or hitting the drive thru lane, or both.

Sadly haven’t been out to the farm much with all of the bad weather, but I know that the little horses had fun running and playing in the snow. Whenever it snows, they run and kick up their heels. The little Cornish Rock chicks are fine and eating up a storm. The black sex-link chicks should be here soon. I want to cuddle some chickies, but not the CRs as they are for eating.

So, it is still cold, but the farm is patiently waiting for spring. As are we all. šŸ™‚

Happy homesteading!



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