Snow Day and Chick Updates

Well, it snowed here…again….last night. I’m kind of ready for winter to be over, but I must say that it is super pretty.


In anticipation of the snow, I ran by Tractor Supply to get some dog food. We had some, but last time, we were snowed in a week, so I saw no reason to take chances. While I was there, I saw they finally had some baby chicks! Not many, just 25 Cornish Rocks. However, that is exactly what we wanted, 25 Cornish Rocks, so I bought them all. I really wanted baby ducks once I saw them, but sadly that doesn’t fit in with our homesteading plan.

So, I took the baby chicks home, and they are now warm and toasty in the brooder. Those chicks are HUNGRY. I’ve never seen chicks so into eating.

Dad orders some black sex-link chicks, and two pf the game hens are setting on eggs. I just have to find my welsummers, and we are set!


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