Baby Chick Dreams

I have been so excited for spring and BABY CHICKS! Not that we don’t have plenty of chickens, or that we aren’t hatching out our own. Two of the game hens have gone broody, and Dad is hatching out 25 in two clutches. We will soon have three groups of chickens on the farm: laying chickens, eatin chickens, and Dad’s game chickens.

Game chickens He has been playing around breeding game chickens for certain colors, etc, and apparently he has some nice roosters, so he is excited about his project. He has sold the extras, or we have eaten the superfluous roosters. The game hens also lay eggs, and when we hatch out our own eggs, they always go under a game hen.

Eatin chickens. 🙂 We have eaten quite a few of the extra roosters and old hens on the farm, but we are purchasing the Cornish cross chicks to raise to butcher. Dad is getting them as soon as TSC gets them in, because he wants to raise them up and have them butchered and in jars and freezers before the garden gets into full swing. I wanted fifty 🙂 but we compromised on twenty-five, especially since we will still have the culled chickens to eat as well.

Layin hens. I suppose really we do not need any laying hens. We  have a few Americauna hens, and the big clutch of laying hens we raised last year (Tetratints and Sussex) are very young and just started laying in November. In fact, with us being snowed in and the hens still laying, they have about many dozens of eggs at the house. BUT Dad has agreed to indulge me in my quest for rainbow eggs, so I am getting some Welsummer chicks. I wanted Marans, but they are 1.pricey and 2.sold out. I don’t mind spending 3 dollars a chick, but 8 dollars a chick and they may not make it makes me a little ill.

I had planned to order them through Tractor Supply because I liked the idea of my little chicks coming to the store where they were ready for chicks, as opposed to going to the post office where they are ready for….mail. However, apparently if I order them through TSC, they still come in the mail, so I’m researching hatcheries. I like McMurray’s, but I wanted to price check some others. The good news is that when I pick one, I can give you a review! 🙂



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