My Chicken Jar

Been busy lately, plus this has been a quiet time on the farm. The horses are all fine; they just got their feet done. They were good little equines!

Dad is building a new chicken tractor, but it is like a chicken mobile penthouse.

We went to an auction and got a nice antique oak table for the canning kitchen. I bought a store jar.

Here is the jar I bought for 15 dollars:

I decided I would paint a chicken scene onto it to go with my new chicken themed kitchen. I used a white crayon to roughly sketch out the design but I freehanded the little chicks and the grass.

I was pretty pleased with it! I am going to fill it with flour and it will be my flour canister! I really like it and it is both decorative and useful.

I have really gotten into redecorating things myself. It isn’t amazing, but it is personal and just what I want. And way cheaper.

I just wish I had more time to paint!


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