Homemade Decorating

I am on a mission to redecorate the house, and I want to use as much homemade stuff as I can because it is cheaper, and it makes it more special. Plus, I just like to make thinngs.

I went to Hobby Lobby this weekend to get a few things for just such projects. My main goal was to get some modge podge to make my egg ornaments, but of course I had to walk around the store. While I was there, I saw this sign:

I loved it, and I am redecorating the kitchen in country rustic stuffs, but it was thirty bucks, and that was just too much. I stared at it for a few minutes, wondering if I could justify such a purchase, and remembered…oh wait, I can paint things! So, I went over to the canvas section and bought a black canvas on sale for 5.50. I was going to sketch out the design with a white oil pastel ad then paint it, but the oil pastel on the black canvas had the look of chalk on chalkboard, which I really liked.  I changed the saying to something I like better:

I am pretty pleased with it, and it is so much cheaper than the one at the store. Another benefit of homemade things is you can make them exactly as you want them.

The modge podge went to good use, and I worked on the eggs. You can’t crunch the darn things, but painting and/or modge podge adds some strength to the egg. I am pretty pleased with them, since they were my first ones.

In  other news, Dad butchered some chickens. He traded five hens for ten roosters. Mom took five, and I got the other five. I boiled them, pulled the meat off the bones, and then returned the bones to the pot to cook and make broth. It was a two ay project since I got started Friday night, but my five roosters made seven pints of chicken and twelve quarts of broth. I was super happy about that. Chicken is one of my favorite things to have canned, and I was running a bit low.

So, all in all it was a good and productive weekend. The cleaning and organizing and decorating is slow going with work and all my other projects, but we will get there. I’d like to have it perfect before canning season really gets to going.

Happy homesteading!


2 thoughts on “Homemade Decorating

  1. Great project. I got a turkey for 19 cents lb and froze it at Thanksgiving. Cooked it this weekend. Canned 4 quarts turkey in broth and 1 quart broth from leftovers. Love buying on special and canning. Also made 10 lb homemade sausage,

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