We are slowly adding signs to the buildings! The first one is The Little Horse Saloon, which is the name of the minis’ barn. Later, I will do HenHouse Hotel and some for the big boys’ barn. Dad had some scrap cedar, and I am slowly painting each of them.

I started with this piece of wood.


For the future signs, I am going to wipe the wood down with some sandpaper because it was a little difficult to paint the round texture of the wood.

I couldn’t find a pencil for some reason, so I used a white oil pastel to sketch out the design. I googled “western fonts: to get some ideas for the lettering.

wpid-wp-1421809557854.jpegAs always, I used acrylic paints. I do want to try some watercolor soon, but I think acrylic is better and more durable for this project.wpid-wp-1421809577798.jpeg

wpid-wp-1421809571764.jpeg wpid-wp-1421809565948.jpeg

I am super happy with the way it turned out! The toe of the boot is a little weirdly shaped, but the rest is cute. We are going to coat it with some polyurethane to protect the paint, and then it is going up on the front of the barn. Pictures to follow.

Next project will be the HenHouse Hotel.

What are you guys working on?

Night, y’all!


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