The birth of Monseuir Rooster

One of my 2015 projects is to redecorate my house with some of my own painting and photographs. In the kitchen, I am going to use a chicken theme, and this weekend, I decided I needed a rooster painting. Eventually I will do a hen to be his friend. These are 12×12 canvases I picked up at Hobby Lobby for $4 half price.

This is a grey game rooster. He actually belongs to Dad’s friend and is on loan for spring baby-making. He is the prettiest rooster on the place, though, so he was my model.

I sketched him out first. I am better at drawing than painting.

And here he is ! Monseiur Rooster, acrylic on canvas. I am excited to paint him Mademoiselle Poulet to go with him!

It’s not the best art ever, but it is special since I did it myself, and it was cheap at four dollars for the canvas and just a little for the paint I already had!


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