A Cozy Winter Afternoon

I am rereading the Bible, and I was rather excited to read part of Exodus. God sent the manna to the Israelites, and he told Moses to preserve some of the manna in a container so future generations would know how God had done for his people. I like to think that container was a jar, and this was some of the first canning. 🙂 It really made me happy.

Other things that make me happy: I wrote two more articles this week and sent them off into the world to find publications, possible snow day tomorrow, my community college class met enrollment, and homemade strawberry lemonade.

They are calling for winter weather tomorrow, and that always makes me feel like cooking. I was gifted some leftovers this weekend, so that threw off my menu plan. That is fine, because I am not one to turn down free food, especially food I didn’t have to cook. So tonight, I decided to make my pork chops, sweet potatoes, and green beans. I just baked everything, and while I waited, I finished some other projects.


I was behind on making muffins this week for breakfast, but happily i had some boiled eggs leftover to use. I want to try different muffin recipes, and I may try to add some fruits or veggies each time. I have tons of jars to try! I found some blueberries I canned a while ago, and since some of flavor was in the juice, I decided to puree the blueberries, then add them to the batter. I also added an extra egg, but I am regretting it. The muffins came out a little spongey, but they are a pretty color and edible.

wpid-wp-1421189779348.jpegI will try another recipe next time. Maybe apple?

I also made some strawberry lemonade. I made some strawberry lemonade concentrate last year during strawberry season. To make it, i just dump the pint of concentrate into a half gallon jar, fill with water, and shake it up a bit. It’s very yummy.


I want to try some with strawberry lime this year.

I think I wrote about redecorating my bathroom. I am going to decorate with mason jars. 🙂 And, I found these on eBay; they came in yesterday. I am very excited!


Shabby chic mason jar bathroom, here I come!

Night, y’all!


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