Cold, and Looking Forward to Spring

I’m not one to wish away time, but I AM really looking forward to warm weather and spring, especially since it was single digits in southern Virginia today. Too much!

Someone asked me the other day if the mini horses would be warm enough in their barn. I laughed. The little horses are little yaks! While they have a snug little barn that was built with the wind in mind, I never worry about them being cold with their very thick coats. They are serious fuzzbutts in the winter.


This is Holly and Ivy after we put them up yesterday. They are SUCH sleepy girls when they are back in their cozy home. Ivy has so much hair and whiskers you can’t even see the outline of her little face.

Seeds Round Two came in the mail today. These are the ones I ordered from Heirloom Seeds, the new website I haven’t tried before. I wish the packages had the pictures of the vegetables on them, but I cannot complain about the price! The packets had noticeably more seeds in them than what I get from Baker’s Creek. They also sent me a free packet of seeds, an extra packet of carrots, but a different type. I am SO excited. I really hope the carrots grow because we have quite a few seeds.


The packets on the left are yellow wax beans. We’ve never grown any before, but I really liked them when we went to Canada, so I’m hoping they do well. The middle two groups of packets are all green beans, but I got four types. All of them mature in about 55 days, and all are stringless. I’d like to see we will see which kind we like better, but I guarantee we won’t label the rows right, and have no idea which ones we like best. We did the same thing with the peppers last year. Some of the plants we didn’t know what they were until they produced peppers, and I think a few of the pepperonchinis cross-pollinated. 🙂 Still tasted good.

I can’t wait to show them to Dad and see what he thinks and if I went overboard. 🙂 He is the one who said I didn’t know how many seeds it took to make a row, so I decided to make sure I had enough this time.

I am also excited for spring because of baby chicks! I am going to get some chicks that lay the really dark eggs, either Marans or Welsummer. I want the Black Copper Marans because they are really pretty, but they are also pricey and hard to get. The Welsummers are half the price. I talked to our local Tractor Supply, and I think they can order my chicks for me. I know I can order them from the hatchery, but that is scary. I would really like to avoid getting a sad box of dead baby chicks. No boxes of death for me. I want the dark eggs, and I want to cross one of these with our Americauna hen Little Chicken, who lays a blue egg. Those hens should lay an olive egg. I like the different colors, and now tat I know how to blow eggs, I have some fun craft projects in mind.

So many happy things to think about and dream of, during the cold weather. Though, at the moment I am having a little bit of trouble looking at the computer screen, since this is how Kitten thinks she should stay warm.


Night, y’all!


3 thoughts on “Cold, and Looking Forward to Spring

  1. We’ve ordered from the hatchery (Murray McMurray) several times and never had a problem. Our last round, we got the ornamental layer mix – we have some beautiful chickens, but they aren’t great layers and most of their eggs are white. We are debating what sort of chicks to get this spring, as a fox got to our girls this fall.

    • So sorry that you lost your girls! We raised some tetra tints from chicks, and they are laying well. The eggs are just white, though. I’m going to get welsummers, as they are very decently priced, lay dark eggs, and are supposed to be friends.

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