New Year, New Hobby, New Goals

Happy New Year!

I had a quiet new year at home, but I am really enjoying these quiet days at home before the semester starts back up and I start the education rat race once again. I have been cleaning out the house and putting decorations and presents away and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.

I have two new hobbies. I have taken up doing a little painting. It’s nothing great, but they are pretty cute. The first one I did for my mother-in-law. She has two conures she loves, and I figured this would make a great Christmas present.

I took some of my Christmas money and bought some nicer paints and a few canvases and did this picture of my miniature horses. It is now up in our bedroom.

I also got a few horse-themed Christmas gifts, so I put the painting and those things in our bedroom, and now it has a horse-Western theme.

Mister got me a very nice camera as my Christmas picture so I can take pictures at the farm, and pictures to go along with my articles. It does panoramas:

It also has neat filters and does great black and white photos. I played around with some of them with my jars today.

I’ve decided to redo my guest bathroom. It is rubber ducks now, but I am going to find some type of shower curtain that speaks to me, and then make those cute mason jar soap dispenser and toothbrush holder from some of my chipped jars. I think I will keep playing around with photos until I get just the right one, print it, and frame it on the wall.

In the dining room, I switched out my white tablecloth for a blue one, and put my antique blue jars on white plate in the middle as a centerpiece. Not sure about that., but I do have these prints I bought at a fall festival on the wall. They are all farm/mule themed.

In the kitchen there is a large wall that I am going to put black ad white photos from the farm. So, I am slowly using my homesteading hobbies to decorate the house, and mostly homemade things. I am getting where I like more and more homemade things.

I mentioned earlier that one of my goals this year is to use a menu plan each month. This has the dual purpose of using more of our food storage, and helping me to eat healthier. Another is to keep writing. I have sold five articles since starting in September, and I’d like to sell five more before working on writing a book.

Otherwise, my goals are just general ones, to try and get and stay organized so there is less stress and more time for enjoying home and hearth and farm and family.

Here is to a fabulous 2015!

Happy homesteading!


7 thoughts on “New Year, New Hobby, New Goals

  1. Very cool! I tried my hand at it when I was much younger, but didn’t have a ton of luck. Once I finished my graduate degree in English, however, I found that most editors are willing to at least read my piece.

    There are lots of homesteading magazines out there, so it is worth a shot! It is also fun!

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