Buy ALL the Plants Part 2: Garden 2015

So, I told Dad about all the seeds I bought, and apparently, that wasn’t enough snaps because he wanted to have several rows. I offered to just order more, but according to him, the seeds I buy are too expensive. I figured two dollar a packet wasn’t too bad, but for the heck of it, I went and found another website. does not have the selection and variety that has, BUT they are cheaper. They have organic and non-GMO seeds, and the packets ARE cheaper, with MORE seeds. I just ordered them, so I cannot speak to quality or shipping, etc, but the price was excellent.

Here is what I bought for Round Two, with the descriptions from the website:

Bountiful Bush Bean (2 packets) “46 days- An early bush bean that produces a very large crop! The beans are stringless, broad, straight, and 6-7 inches long. The plants grow 16 to 18 inches tall and have light green foliage. Good home garden variety that was first introduced in 1897″

Top Crop Bush Bean (2 packets) “All American Selection” winner in 1950. Early producer of fine quality, medium green, straight, stringless, 6 to 7 inch beans, on strong, upright 18 to 24 inch plants. A very heavy yielding variety!”

Black Valentine Bush Bean (1 packet) “Old heirloom variety first introduced in the 1850’s. The dark green, stringless beans are 6 inches long and have exquisite flavor. Our best selling bush bean

Rainbow Blend Carrot (1 packet) “55-70 days his kaleidoscope of colors will brighten up any dinner plate. A beautiful mix of baby gourmet carrots, including red, orange, purple, white and yellow. A great way to get a nice assortment of colors and flavors”

Amarillo Yellow Carrot (1 packet) “A delicious yellow variety that is able to withstand dry conditions. The tapered roots have large shoulders and strong tops. Distinctive, sweet flavor”

Cherokee Wax Bush Bean (1 packet) “43-55 days – Dating from 1946, the hardy 1 ½ foot plants will reliably produce a stringless crop of oval, golden yellow beans. Good choice for canning or fresh use. A vigorous, heavy yielding variety”

So excited~ Looks like we will be eating lots of veggies!


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