Buy ALL The Plants: Ordering Seeds for Garden 2015

Every year for the past three years, on Christmas Day, I bring the Baker’s Creek seed catalog and my father and I pick out some of the things we want for the new garden. This year, we agreed that we want to get more of the stringless snaps (green beans), and some carrots. When Mom and I went to Canada, we had a lot of the yellow wax beans, so we agreed to get some of those. We had a TON of tomatoes last year, and so many peppers, so while we will plant a few of them, I don’t want many.

We will get some slips of some things, such as our tomatoes, from the Amish greenhouse that is just down the road. I also saved some seeds from the mini red bell peppers we had, which I loved for drying. I still have some cilantro seed I saved, and most of our spices come back. I want to add dill this year, and maybe not do basil or chives, since I have literal half gallons of each dried from last season.

Today, I put in my order. Here is what I bought from Baker’s Creek, and I am copying the description from

Cosmic Purple Carrots (one packet)  “This one is causing excitement at farmers’ markets. Carrots have bright purple skin and flesh that comes in shades of yellow and orange. Spicy and sweet-tasting roots are great for marketing.”

Atomic Red Carrots (one packet): “75 days. Brilliant red carrots are so healthful and unique-looking, sure to add color to your garden. The 8” roots are high in lycopene, which has been shown in studies to help prevent several types of cancer. Crisp roots are at their best when cooked, and this helps to make the lycopene more usable. Very flavorful.”

Snow White Carrots (one packet) “An attractive creamy-white carrot with a delicious, mild-sweet taste and a good crisp crunch. Roots grow 7”-8” long and are great raw or cooked. White carrots are again becoming popular with home gardeners and specialty growers after many years of neglect by the commercial seed trade. White varieties were common in the middle ages through the 19th century but then became scarce.”

Landreth Stringless Bush Bean (3 packets)  “Bush, 55 days. This meaty variety debuted in 1885. It is a flavorful, stringless bean and boasts heavy yields. The pods are medium green in color and a little over 5” long. The seeds are a rich chocolate or coffee brown. D. Landreth Seed Co., one of the oldest surviving American seed houses, proudly proclaimed it as a favorite; “one of the finest pod varieties for the home garden, market garden and canner. 

Sugar Snap Pea (2 packets) This is the wonderfully sweet, edible-pod pea so popular with consumers and gardeners. The delicious, tender pods are great raw (eaten before you ever leave the garden), stir-fried, or in salads. They also freeze very well. An AAS winner from 1979

Golden Wax Bean (bulk 1/2 lb) “Bush, 55 days. Delicious golden-yellow pods are stringless and are of good quality with extra-fine rich flavor. This old-time favorite has bush plants”

Etudia Pepper (1 packet) 75 days–Blocky, thick-walled orange fruits are crisp, very sweet and juicy. These golden-orange bells can reach up to a half-pound in weight, and are lavishly produced on tall plants. Originally a Polish commercial variety, Etiuda is equally at home under row cover, in the greenhouse or out in the garden. Lovely and very choice!”

So excited for Garden 2015!!! Gotta start eating jar contents so I have plenty of empties!

Happy homesteading!


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