A Tour of the Mini Barn

I have been rather MIA lately, but it has been a very busy few weeks. I have (drumroll please) finished my second graduate degree, and am now Ellie May, M.A. and M.B.A!  The high school semester is over, so I will have new little ducklings in January. I also finished my community college class I teach, and my online college courses. In other words, I have been doing a LOT of grading, and a LOT of posting grades lately.

But, now it is Christmas, and time to enjoy family and friends. Everyone at the farm is good. I took Tuckerman for a walk the day I got out of school. He is very ornery in his stall, and a little angel out on his halter.


This is the front of the horses’ barn. Dad built a porch on it so we can hang out there. It is adorable, and I think you need a tour of it. This is the front door, which opens to the yard. The back door opens to the pasture, so we can just open the door in the morning and out the babies go! In the afternoon, they are happy to pop back in!


Dad built a shelf to put their things, and we put this bench in here. Yes, those are thirty-one bags…with their names on them. 🙂 The thermal tote makes such a handy grooming bag, and I can hook it on the fence if I need to. Inside the bench is more of their shampoos and costume things.



The inside has two big stalls. The girls, Holly and Ivy, share one stall, and Tucker has one to himself. The girls have been together their whole lives. They will even eat grain out of the same bowl together, which is very unusual. I don’t think they would be very happy separated

. wpid-wp-1419467869234.jpegwpid-wp-1419467849891.jpeg

Tucker LOVES this barn. We moved them back to the old one when we were staining it because I didn’t want them to breathe fumes, and he balked and didn’t even want to go in. But he is always happy to come in here.

Each stall has a ball. I have only seen Ivy play with hers a little, but I think they make the stalls look cozy. They also have hay racks, and I painted pictures of each horse and put on the wall.


Tucker’s painting was in his old stall, which was a bachelor pad. A funny story, but we moved all their things (tack bag, picture, ball) before we moved them. You wouldn’t think a horse would pay much attention, but Tucker did the stallion scream (even though he is gelded) and tossed his head and paced when we took down his picture and toy. I think he thought he was leaving the farm! We have only had him since April, and he has had several homes (all good ones!) in his three years.

wpid-wp-1419467945064.jpegThere are a lot of hooks for easy to grab halters and leads. When the babies come in for the night, they just look so happy and cozy and safe. I loooove the little mini barn, and so do the little horses! ❤


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