Waste Not, Want Not

I stopped buying chicken at the grocery store, and I have never bought much beef, instead eating deer. I do, however, like to get Boston butt when it is on sale for 99 cents a pound because it makes such good pulled pork with almost no effort whatsoever (dump in crock pot with a little water, turn on crock pot, go to sleep). I bought one a while ago at that price, and used a $1 off coupon to get a 12 pound piece of meat for 11 dollars.

I need the space in the freezer, so I took it out Friday, dumped it in the crock pot right before I went to bed, and woke up to delicious and wonderful smells. I had planned to can it, but Mister loves it so much, that I decided we would just eat on it this week instead. I left it on warm for most of the day, and then finally put the rest of the meat in a container for the fridge. I looked at the crock pot, and at the bottom of the pot was the juices and water from the meat. I thought, BEANS! and put the liquid in a quart jar for later this evening. Using broth to can beans makes SUCH delicious beans. They are so good.

So, the meat will be eaten in sandwiches for several meals, the water will make yummy beans for other meals, and all that was left was the one large bone (shoulder blade? pelvic bone?) which I gave to the dog, and she has already dispatched. Eleven dollars well used, and well spent.

I also put the rest of the apples in the dehydrator. A few of them had bad spots, but I just cut those away and used the good part of the apple. I went to throw the box they came in away, and I noticed the caddy the apples were in. These will make great ornament holders for after Christmas, I thought, so I set them aside to use when I pack up the Christmas things.


After the Boston butt, and then the apples, I had to chuckle a little. Nothing gets wasted around here! That is not a bad thing, however. Americans as a country are so wasteful. I read an article not too long away that says Americans throw out/waste HALF the food we purchase/that is grown here. That’s insane.

It is so much more environmentally and fiscally responsible to use as much as we can of our resources. Reuse, reduce, recycle, we are all taught as an early age. It is also so much more considerate of an animal’s life to use as much of the meat/carcass as possible. Living things die, that is life, and in the animal world, they often die so someone else can eat.  In nature, things are not wasted. The lion kills the zebra, and,the whole pride eats. Later scavengers come and eat what is left, and finally, a host of insects are fed. It is not that we eat meat that is so upsetting, but that so often, we do not respect the animal from whence it came.


5 thoughts on “Waste Not, Want Not

  1. I read that same article recently….it’s made me think twice about composting on our apartment balcony. I think I might start anyway, I just need to get ahold of some worms.

    We try to waste as little as possible here. I get really upset if something goes bad in the fridge.

    • I like the idea of composting, but by the time I cook, can, dry, and give scraps to the dog and chickens…there just doesn’t seem to be much left. Composting isn’t wasting; it is recycling to make good soil. 🙂

  2. I’m interested in how you use your dehydrated apples? I just bought my first dehydrator and dehydrated my first apples this fall. I have them in big jars in the pantry, I can think of munching them dry on a trip, baking apple crisp/apple Betty etc. but I need to go light on the sweet deserts due to the sugar. How else can I use them? Thank you!
    Donna at the Small House Homestead

    • We never get any farther than munching them as snacks. We LOVE them almost like potato chips. A friend added pumpkin pie spice to hers before she dried them and let me taste some. It was good! I put up ten quarts, and we will easily eat them all as snacks.

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