Saturday Projects

Well, I had an attack of the lazies today and didn’t do half the things I planned. However, I did make stuffed jalapeños. They were delicious enough that I am very glad that I froze twenty bags of the hot peppers from the garden.

I am glad they turned out well because for most of the bags I just tossed the darn things in there whole, knowing they would be better if I cut them in  half when they were fresh. But I only froze them to begin with because I was so busy with a zillion other projects in July and August, so I took  a chance. But they were delicious.

I just cut them in half, pulled out what seeds I could, stuffed them with cream cheese, and wrapped them with a little bacon.


Here they are ready to go in the oven! I didn’t smother the things with bacon, just little strips.



I froze the rest of the bacon for another day. The cream cheese was two dollars, the bacon three, but I used half, so this super yummy snack cost three dollars and fifty cents.


Red delicious apples are now my favorite apples to dehydrate. They are very good. Dad emailed me today to say they were the best ones I had ever done. I have gotten the five quarts you see here, plus the jar I gave to Dad, and probably two more drying now. Plus a few more apples to go in. I may end up with ten quarts all together. The box of apples was 25, so 2.50-3 a jar of apples chips.

I like to take the time to figure out what things cost. So many people try to convince me that food preservation projects are actually more expensive, but I do not find that to usually be the case. In addition, there is an often added value, such as the fact that my purchase of apples supported the FFA.

There are some additional costs in the gardening, but we only bought six jalapeño slips this year and spent…maybe 12 dollars on the slips? That is probably too high an estimate. We bought no fertilizer, using the horses’ manure. The darn things produced from June until Halloween. We got so many peppers off those plants each one had to cost less than a penny.

Gardening and preserving is work, but it is work our whole family enjoys, and an investment in yummy meals and snacks to come. In fact, I think I hear some of those peppers calling me now.

Happy homesteading!


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