Happies in the Mail

Ran out to the farm today to see the babies. I was JUST thinking that I didn’t have anything to can and that the garden was all done as I drove up into the yard. At that moment, Dad drove up and handed me a bag full of the last of the turnips. So now I have a project.

When I got home, I found two VERY exciting things in my mailbox: my egg blowing kit and my SEED CATALOG! I love getting it every year. I want EVERYTHING in it! šŸ™‚ We get our seeds from rareseeds.com because they sell cool heirloom varieties, and everything is non-GMO. I have loved everything we have gotten there.

I also got a new book at Tractor Supply yesterday called One Block Feast. It is about eating locally, essentially from your own backyard. There were directions on how to make cheese, and I am intrigued. That will have to be a summer project.

This weekend I am going to try egg blowing, so I will give you an update on that. Lots of fun posts and projects for the weekend.

I’ve decided to take the night off and snuggle up with Kitten, my catalog, and my book. I will give you a review of the book once I’m done.

Night, y’all,



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