An Apple A Day

Today was Fruit Day! I bought a box of apples from one of my students who is in FFA. Truthfully, I wasn’t going to get any apples this year after putting up 180 pounds of apples last year. I was very busy after a particularly indulgent trip to the orchard where I learned about the magic of buying seconds. However, I wanted to support the FFA, so I bought a large box. I have plenty of applesauce and apple wedges in syrup, and apple butter still from last year. I think I am going to make apple chips out of the lot. I have the dehydrator full with the first round. I’m going to make sure they turn out okay before doing the rest.


Apple chips are so easy to make, and Mister and I love them. I put some in a jar for him a few weeks ago, and he took them to work and shared with his coworkers. He came home and said everyone loved them and want to know when he can bring more snacks, so I will fix a jar for him to take again, and then hide the rest of them. 🙂

To make apple chips, I just sliced my washed apples thinly and spread on my dehydrator trays. They will probably be ready in the morning. I have two dehydrators, so for Round Two I will fire them both up.


Dinner tonight was pasta. I boiled some whole grain rotini and added a few dehydrated veggies. After draining the water, I opened a jar of yellow tomato sauce I made over the summer, and added some extra basil. I had half a jar of turkey in the fridge I wanted to use, and it shreds really well, so I added that to the pot as well. It was delicious, and I have enough for lunch tomorrow!

Dad came and picked up some of the jars to take to the farm. I sent seven dozen and it didn’t even make a dent. This weekend I am going to make some pulled pork. I have a Boston butt in the freezer to get out of the way; I will post instructions Saturday! I would like to get some room in the freezer so I can keep some burger and sausage in the house. Plus, one of the deep freezers at the farm gave up the ghost, and some of our deer meat is visiting my grandmother’s freezer. It needs to come on home. Also, literally as I am typing this, I am remembering the twenty or two bags of fat jalapeno peppers in the freezer, so maybe I will pick up some cream cheese and make poppers this weekend.

I am excited. The holidays are coming; I only have nine days until the MBA is finished; all of my college and high school classes are wrapping up for the semester, and I just found out I will have a third article published in the coming year. (*I will post more about that when it gets closer in case you are interested in reading*). There are so many wonderful things to look forward to, including those yummy apple chips that will be ready in the morning. In the meantime, I am beat.

Night, y’all.


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