News and Notes from the Farm

Been a very busy week. Here are some snippets from around the farm.


Here is the picture of my turkey I canned last week. I believe I forgot to include a photo. I opened a jar tonight because I got home late and had no energy to do anything else. Canned turkey makes SUCH good sandwiches that I think I’m going to get another turkey or two at Christmas when they are on sale. It is so worth it when they are on sale.


Last night, I finished canning up the LAST of the sweet potatoes. That brought the grand total up to 45 quarts and 5 pints from the two bushels I bought off a friend’s farm. If I had the jars and time and space, I would have been happy to do another two bushels. Sweet potatoes are so good. I took one BIG sweet potato and cut it into wedges and baked it with garlic salt. Delicious.

wpid-wp-1418007065556.jpegThursday I went to the farm. Mom needed to check the broccoli for a few last florets, so I haltered Tucker and we walked down to the bottom of the field. It’s a decent walk. He has been ornery lately, but I couldn’t ask for a better leading horse. He stayed right at my side. He is three and was gelded in February, but part of him will forever be a bit of a stud. He is a very wary and alert horse, more so than the mares or our two big geldings. He was very alert for danger the whole walk.

Whenever we went over clover, he did bump my leg with his head as if to say, mom, did you see that? Can we stop and eat it? So on the way back, we stopped for a clover snack.

Tucker is definitely Boss Hoss. He makes sure he gets into the barn first. He runs the girls off. They aren’t even two yet, though, and he is considerably bigger than they are, even at just 30 inches tall, so they get out of his way. Here they are, patiently waiting their turn.


They are the sweetest things. Friday I went down and just sat in the doorway of the barn and they came and lay their heads in my lap for me to pet them as long as I would stay there.

The garden is essentially done. Mom got enough small broccoli florets Thursday to make a meal’s worth. There are still some greens in the garden, but Mom froze a ton, I canned some, and I still have some canned from last year. We will just let the rest stay as a cover crop. I am already a little excited for spring and planning the garden. I have some peaches in the freezer I need to can. I have some cherries. I haven’t decided whether I want to make something out of cherries, or to can the peaches and cherries together like a fruit cocktail.

If we have some snow days, I’d like to make a huge batch of chili to can. Dad wants to get some squirrels for me to can. I am hoping he gets another deer to put in jars. May buy a turkey at Christmas, but for the most part, this is the slow time of the year for canning. It is winter time and time to enjoy the fruits…and veggies…of my labor.

I read an article from The Chicken Chick about egg blowing, and ordered a kit to make the hole in the eggs. I am excited. I think that will be a fun activity. I want to make Christmas ornaments.

About to start another busy week! I have two weeks left in the MBA, two weeks left at the high school for the semester, and two weeks left in my online class where I adjunct. Lots of grading to do, lots of writing. Probably a good thing I don’t have many jar projects demanding my time!

Off to bed. Night, y’all!



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