Stolen Moments

Sadly, I’ve been unable to go out to the farm lately, first to being sick, and then due to working late. I felt inspired to write some on my other blog, Resurrecting June, which is about trying to be a Proverbs 31 Wife. If you are interested, here is yesterday’s post.

Resurrecting June

On Monday nights, I get home from teaching my night class at 9:30, and Mister gets up to go to work at 10:30. Tonight, he got up about an hour early, and after getting dressed, he had a little extra time. He fed the dogs for me, and refilled the ice cube tray. We took a little time to stand in the kitchen and talk about our days. He told me about some news he heard on the radio. I reminded him to call about his insurance. He asked me to pick up some more of his favorite soda. I shared a funny story from work. When it was time for him to go to work, he told me he hoped I had a good night sleep, and I wished him a good night at work. We gave each other a long hug and a deep kiss, and off he…

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