Returning to the Land of the Living and Homesteading

I wish I could say that my hiatus from blogging is due to the wonderful time I have been having enjoying my holiday. I wish I could say that I have been running off to family dinners, and shopping, and canning up leftovers. But that would not be true.

Tuesday my plan was to run out to the farm for a while, and then come home and cook the turkey. while the turkey was cooking, I was going to can sweet potatoes, and later wrap presents. Wednesday I was going to get up early, can the turkey, and clean up the house before going off to eat dinner with my extended family. Instead, after work on Tuesday I started feeling bad and decided to come home. I did put the turkey on, but by the time it was done, I was miserable. And that was the rest of my week. I have been rather sick. Too sick to eat, to go shopping, too sick to CAN, y’all, and that was some sad stuff.

But, yesterday I felt better enough to care about the turkey, and my surroundings, so I started to do things around the house. It is hard to be a doer and be unable to do. I had to take breaks. But I got the dishes washed, and a little laundry done, and I canned the turkey.

Mister had been eating some of the turkey during the week, but most of it was still left, and right out the fridge it was cold. So I decided to just boil the whole thing and make stock at the same time. This was a 18.5 lb turkey, so even after Mister had eaten some, it was still rather big. It took my 23 quart canner to fit it. I put it in, and added water, and let it go on a low boil for about 3 hours, maybe 4, until I could put a spatula down the middle of the turkey and split it all open. I used a slotted spoon to fish out the turkey, which I set on a plate, and the bones, which I set in a big mixing bowl.

The meat went into pint jars, and I ladled the broth into them. I had enough broth left over to fill two quarts, and then there was still broth and lots of small pieces of turkey in the canner. So, I added some onions and carrots, and canned up three quarts of turkey soup. I think it will be really good if I add rice or dumplings to the jar when I open it.

So, the 12 dollar turkey fed Mister a couple times, the cat once, even the ferrets got a taste. Then, the  turkey became seven pints of meat (SO good on sandwiches), two quarts of broth, and three quarts of soup. The broth is beautiful, probably because I used the whole turkey o make it. This was very easy, and the easiest time I have ever had getting the meat off the bone of the turkey, so I think I will do that again.

My cell phone is dead, so I will have to take a picture and edit the post later with the customary jar photo.

I am bummed about missing Thanksgiving, but, at least with the jars I can replicate it pretty easily when I am feeling better. Turkey, potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, green beans, butter beans, corn, apples. All I gotta do is open the jars and heat. Thanksgiving all year round.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday! Happy homesteading!


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